The Vital Roles That Parents Play In Teens’ Driving

Parents often aren’t sure where to begin in terms of preparing teens to drive. The possibilities of allowing teens behind the wheel often is terrifying, and parents need some coaching to discover how to ease those fears. Not So Fast might help parents with new teen drivers navigate the most dangerous time of their teens’ lives while staying calm and cozy through the learning process.

Backed by research and aimed at empowering parents, Less Than Fast: Parenting Your Teen Through the Dangers of Driving, is undoubtedly an informative and vital help guide to help parents understand the causes of teen head and crashes off risks each and every time teens fall behind the wheel. Author Tim Hollister speaks to readers coming from a very personal level. Tim lost hisson and Reed, in a tragic car crash in December 2006.


“It’s what I wish I had known before my son died,” Tim said.

Not So Fast tackles several hot-button issues like texting and distracted driving, parenting attitudes (conscious and unconscious), and teen impairment and fatigue. The publication also includes a variety of topics not found in a number of other teen driving guides, like:

How brain development affects driving

How teen driver laws work and why driver’s education alone does not produce safe drivers

The best way to negotiate a teen driving agreement

How and when to mention “No”

Why it’s imperative for parents to judge their teen drivers on every car trip before handing within the keys.