The Reason Why You Should Protect Your Car’s Paint Job


The summer driving season will be here before you know it, of course, if you're about to hit the highway, it goes without saying that you would like your ride to look great!

If you have a fairly new car, its paint job probably still looks pretty good, but unless you regularly wax and wash your car, it won't be long before the hue starts to fade and rock chips commence to rust.

Paint manufacturers recommend people wash their cars weekly, and wax at least three times a year, but few people follow-through. Among the most common excuses: It's too much bother; I don't like to do it and I don't have time.

However, you may want to rethink your priorities, if you want a appealing car. Waxing does more than help maintain that fresh-from-the-factory look. It might prevent damage to your paint and protect from environmental damage including acidrain and salt. Alternatively, even the sun's ultraviolent rays that will fade paint color over time.

Also remember that regular cleaning in the exterior will not only extend its life but also later add to the car's overall resale value.

Is has to be done over and over again, but when I tell people that's no more the case, their jaws drop, says Glenn Canady, president of 5Star Technologies,. Which is The biggest complaint I read about waxing.

His company has created a 2-step polish called 5 Star Shine which utilizes PTFE (the same substance that creates nonstick cookware so slippery) to protect the paint. After you wipe it on the car, the polish bonds for the molecules of your paint for unbeatable shine and protection that will last for five years with a new car and three years for a used car with good paint.

Protecting your car's paint isn't the only thing you want to do before setting off on a summer road trip. The Vehicle Care Council also recommends you:

* Check and perhaps top from the car's fluids: antifreezecoolant and transmission, engine oil, brake fluid, washer fluid, power steering gasoline and fluid.

* Inspect air filter. This strains the impurities and must be changed at recommended intervals to be able to protect the engine.

* Make surewindshields and headlights, window glass, signal wipers, mirrors and lights/blades are in good shape.

* Look at the brakes to make sure they're in good working order.

* Test the battery.

* Look into the tires. Ensure that the tire tread is deep enough; the tires are properly inflated and have been correctly aligned, balanced and rotated.